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We not only provide customers with excellent performance and reliable quality products, but also continuously improve technical support and value-added services to meet the higher requirements of customers.

High Quality-Service, Strict Quality-Control

Supplier Management

Enter new suppliers, conduct market survey in advance, collect all kinds of data, score new suppliers according to their indicators, select the best into the system, and remove black listed suppliers.

QC(Quality Control) Management

Experienced quality inspectors and professional testing equipment guardianship quality.

Full Functional Characteristics Testing (FFCT)

ChipSun has friendly business cooperation with many authorized test-Labs. So may support all of testing-service at any time.

Warehouse,Packing, Transfering standard

ChipSun makes sure full compliance with original MFG standard.

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Renowned for rich experience, keen market insight, strong market development ability, good customer relations to develop capabilities. Provide fast and traceable global IC components.